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Thomas Jung

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“In times like these, one cannot stop learning”

Authors: Heini Huhtinen Published:

Thomas Jung

Meet the board series introduces ELM editorial board members: Thomas Jung is a publishing professional who believes in the power of reading.

ELM editorial board plays an important role in developing the journalistic content and strategy of the media.

The editorial board consists of six adult education experts & academics from different parts of the world. In this interview series we get to know them a little bit more.

Thomas Jung (PhD) is the head of publications at the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) in Bonn, Germany.

Why do you find adult education important?

In times like these, one cannot stop learning. After I graduated from university, my professional career began. I realized that I had to learn new things every single day.

What would you like to change in the world through your work?

I would want people to realize that reading is still much more profitable than any other way of acquiring knowledge.

What do you get out of being on Elm editorial board?

I get to know a wide variety of perspectives and views at our world beyond my daily routines.

Describe a recent learning experience?

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught me that communication is possible via a variety of channels. A virtual meeting can be as productive as a personal one. The world became smaller by this way of “virtually getting together“. Nevertheless, I miss travelling to meetings and learning about life outside the conference arenas.

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Heini Huhtinen worked as the editor-in-chief of Elm Magazine 2/2020-03/2023. Contact: Show all articles by Heini Huhtinen
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