Steen Høyrup Pedersen

Steen Høyrup is Associate Professor at Department of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark, and research coordinator of the European Research Network: EDI-Europe, Aarhus University. His research interests include employee-driven innovation, organizational learning and change, competence development and reflection and learning.

Steen Høyrup is co-editor of this issue of LLinE

World of research

How do we learn in learning laboratories? In pursuit of the optimal learning arena

This article was originally published in Elm's predecessor media, LLinE. Steen Høyrup investigates learning labs as learning arenas supporting empowerment of employees and innovative learning. Labs facilitate transformational learning to a high degree, but cannot create all the learning conditions necessary to foster transformational learning. The present article investigates learning labs constructed and used as

Steen Høyrup Pedersen