Meera Tiwari

Meera Tiwari

Dr Meera Tiwari is Reader in International Development Studies at the University of East London, Her interconnected research interests are – the Millennium Development Goals as a discourse for poverty reduction and policy pathways beyond 2015, exploring social and economic poverties within the Capability Approach and how can globalization be made to work for the most vulnerable communities. She has conducted primary research to study the User Perspective of Information and Communication Technologies in Rural India (Madhya Pradesh and Bihar). She has applied Poverty and Social Impact Assessment (PSIA) and Outcome Mapping tools to Livelihoods Policy frameworks to study the impact on poverty reduction in the state of Bihar in India (2009 – 2013). She has also conducted primary research in rural Ethiopia and Tanzania. Currently she is leading the UKIERI funded project (2012-14) on exploring good practice in social cohesion in East London and Mumbai with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. Meera Tiwari has pubished widely on these themes. Contact:

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