Jasmina Mirceva

Jasmina Mirceva

Jasmina Mirceva is presently employed at the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education, working as a senior researcher. In the last couple of years she has been leading several national research projects co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs on: participation in adult education, adult education in time of economic crisis, literacy, evaluation of adult education providers etc. She participated in some European projects: Towards the European Lifelong Learning Society (LLL2010) – 6th Framework programme, Strategies for Inclusion and Social Cohesion in Europe from Education (INCLUDED) - 6th Framework programme and was a coordinator in the preparation of the national CONFINTEA reports. She is the head of the research group in the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competences (PIAAC). Contact:

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