Ayanda Nyoka

Ayanda Nyoka

Ayanda Nyoka started her career in the IT sector where she gained seven years of extensive experience in project management, development of business information systems and business/systems analysis. She describes herself as a change agent and, in 2004, took a gap year to work with school youth from underprivileged background as a volunteer. From this experience she developed an interest in the field of social justice and now works as a project leader for the Inclusive Economies Project at the IJR. In addition to her IT qualification, she holds a BA degree with majors in Political Studies and English Literature from the University of the Western Cape, where she received a number of academic awards and in 2008 was selected to participate in the US Young Student Leaders academic exchange programme, focusing on the Civil Rights Movement. She also holds a post-graduate degree (Political Science) from the University of Cape Town and is currently working on her Masters dissertation, focusing on youth partisan attitudes in South Africa.

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