Peer-Reviewed Academic Articles on Lifelong Learning

Aims & Scope

Elm Research is a section for refereed academic articles in Elm Magazine. Elm Research aims at providing the opportunity for both young and established academics to publish recent research results on life-long learning and adult education. While Elm Magazine generally reports journalistically good practices and spreads knowledge about the benefits of lifelong learning, the Elm Research is to present research results in adult education as they relate to pan-European developments and trends.

Particularly young academics in adult education and related disciplines are encouraged to submit original articles. Contributions are welcome from authors in regions where English is not the first language. All submissions in Elm Research undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review process by at least two anonymous referees.

Elm Research is published by the Editorial Board and the Editorial Team of Elm Magazine.

Responsible for an initial editorial screening and the peer-review process are Dr. Thomas Jung and Dr. Michael Sommer.

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