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In this article series we offer a media menu on a salient topic. E-learning researcher Michael Kerres compiles a selection for anyone wishing to follow the debates in blended and e-learning.


Handpicked – In this article series we offer a media menu on a salient topic, prepared by an expert.


Michael Kerres is Professor of Education for media didactics and knowledge management at the University of Duisburg-Essen, in Germany. Kerres is one of the pioneers of the study of e-learning I his country, having founded the Duisburg Learning Lab for the study of media-assisted learning.

Here Michael Kerres has compiled a media selection for anyone wishing to delve into the basics of blended and e-learning and follow the debates and developments in the field.

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Weiterbildungsblog by Jochen Robes (in German).
This blog about further education and learning innovations is informative and topic-specific. I like Robes’ rather neutral and objective style of writing. His comments and evaluations are always fair and careful.

Lehren-Lernen-Didaktik by Gabi Reinmann (in German).
Gabi Reinmann blogs about learning in higher education, mostly in Germany. She is an expert of high school didactics and media pedagogy: her point of view on current topics of higher education is interesting.

Stephen’s web by Stephen Downes

Stephen Downes has a strong personal view which I appreciate. The blog points out to a broad variety of current projects and activities – with a focus on North America – that are important for me to know. By reading the blog you get a very good overview of current discussions – even if you do not agree with all arguments or views.


Kerres, M. (2013). Mediendidaktik. Konzeption und Entwicklung medialer Lernangebote. Oldenbourg München.

Here I will name my own volume “Mediendidaktik”, unfortunately only available in German at the moment.

The reason I name my own book is that it tries to bring together the international discussion about instructional design and the German tradition of Didactics, which I think is a very fruitful combination and has not reached enough attention. The book is in its 4th edition now. Originally, the intention to write the book was to have a guide for developers of e-learning that is based on educational research. Currently it is the most often cited basic literature on e-learning in German language.


Computers and education

Educational Technology Research and Development

The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Open Praxis

My research interests have shifted over the years and my choice of journals have shifted with them.

Educational technology journals are all relevant for any current research on e-learning, like Computers and education or Educational Technology Research and Development. Recommendable are also journals on open education like The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning and Open Praxis.

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